BOOK 1. INTROLAND: A Step by Step Introduction for the Young Violin Beginner - Momisi Music House

BOOK 1. INTROLAND: Setting up the Young Violin Beginner

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INTROLAND presents all the concepts that a young child needs to learn, such as the parts of the violin, the names of the strings, the feet posture, the violin posture, the bow hold, and the like.

But beware! INTROLAND is no ordinary book! The young violin beginner will meet fun characters that come to life through colors, puppets, and musical bells. These characters will guide, teach, and accompany the young violin beginner throughout the instrument-learning journey. 

You can meet all these characters on our YouTube Channel.

INTROLAND will have an accompanying WORKBOOK so that the young student can carry out activities at home, such as coloring, building puzzles, and completing matching activities. 


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Meet all the characters that will help you teach young violin beginners in fun and interactive ways.



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