BOOK 3. FINGERLAND: 12 Latin American Folk Tunes in the Style of Suzuki Book One - Momisi Music House

BOOK 3. FINGERLAND: Twinkle to Latin America

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FINGERLAND allows violin beginners to continue their musical journey by playing pieces that are not only simple melodically and technically, but that belong to a Latin American cultural heritage.

Each Latin American folk song is arranged to match the finger patterns, the rhythms, and the bowings found in their counterpart piece in the Suzuki Violin Volume One. The pieces found in FINGERLAND highlight the ingenuity, spontaneity, and often, humor that is indigenous to a nation rooted in traditions.

The 12 Latin American Folk tunes are for a beginning level learner that already places the fingers of the left hand in an A major scale pattern. 

Include FINGERLAND -full of Latin American flavor- in your teaching and help your young violin beginner learn pieces derived from lullabies and games from the Hispanic tradition!