BOOK 2. BOWLAND: A Sequence of Open String Songs - Momisi Music House

BOOK 2. BOWLAND: A Sequence of Open String Songs

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BOWLAND is a pre-Twinkle book that will help you get a young violin beginner to progress from playing only open strings to placing the left hand in an A major scale pattern. Once students have completed Bowland, they will be at the technical level of the popular Suzuki piece, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

BOWLAND is the 2nd book in our Puppets for Strings Violin Series. Your young violin beginners will have pieces that they can play and sing and they'll meet fun characters that come to life. All pieces come with cute illustrations and note-reading activities. Get your students performing sways, stomps, twirls, bow retakes, short and long bows, and right-hand and left-hand pizzicato!

There will be an accompanying Bowland Student Workbook that will get your pre-twinklers excited about practicing and reviewing the pieces at home.