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So nice to meet you!

Welcome to Momisi Music House, where you'll find many resources that will help you teach and practice with young violin beginners. Yes! Even with those tiny 3 to 5 year olds.

If you’d like to learn more about me, you can always visit my About Page. In the meantime I can tell you that I was born and raised in South America, and lived in the West Coast for many years while getting my College degrees. I'm a mom, a violinist, and a teacher passionate about learning and figuring out the best ways to teach violin to all different kinds of students and ages, especially the young beginners.

Maybe you’ve never taught the 3 or 5 year-old violin beginners, or maybe you have but you’ve struggled because their focus lasts for such a short span that it's pretty hard to know how to engage them. Trust me! I was there myself!

And as they say, since necessity is the mother of all invention, after years of not knowing how to do it, I decided that I had to figure it out once my daughter was born. I began putting together a sequence of small steps and quick wins to engage my daughter’s attention starting from when she was a toddler. She always managed to include her own special ingredients.

This is how “Momisi Music House” was born. Get it? I’m the “Mom,” and my daughter Isidora, is “Isi.” 

Do you want to see how you can use a step-by-step framework to teach young violin beginners, expand your studio, and help raise music lovers for life?


Check out the Momisi Music House YouTube Channel Episodes, where the Momisi Team, together with animated friends, helps you teach the young violin beginners. Subscribe to our channel so you won't miss any of the violin tips, ideas, step-by-step teaching skills, and fun, original beginning songs that we'll be sharing with you. 


Grab this free open-string beginner song, The Doorbell Song. This is a fun original composition from the Puppets for Strings Violin Series, that will get your beginner singing, doing the actions of the words, and discovering the notes through colored bells and custom-made puppets. By grabbing The Doorbell Song you will immediately become a Momisi Insider and will receive weekly emails with links to new Momisi YouTube episodes, tips, insights, and so much more.


In the BLOG you'll find many topics related to teaching young violin beginners. To support you as a teacher, we also offer interesting discussions for parents that are beginning on the violin journey with their child. Feel free to let your parents know about Momisi Music House!