About Momisi Music House

"Colorful teaching. Lively learning."

Are you a teacher looking to grow your studio but shy away from the 3 to 5 year old beginners because you have no idea where to start?

Or maybe you're an experienced teacher but you're looking for more step-by-step strategies and fun repertoire to add to your teaching?

Or you're the parent of a young violin beginner in this pre-Twinkle stage and sometimes you just feel lost with how or what to practice?   

Welcome to Momisi Music House where I offer strategies for teaching and practicing in creative ways. 

Who wouldn't want their young beginner to experience emotions of happiness, fun, and a sense of accomplishment no matter how small the goal.

I'm dedicated to helping you create an environment where the learning happens naturally, freely, and with a whole deal of fun, without ever overlooking the standards of correct technique.  

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