The Musical Alphabet for kids

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Musical Alphabet


Meet Lula, the Girl.

 Puppets for Strings

Together with the Momisi Team, Lula will show your child how to learn the musical alphabet.

Come and watch the fun activities we do to help your child learn the note names in the musical alphabet.

These are the first steps that your child can take to start learning and singing the musical alphabet. Pre-Twinkle students, violin beginners, and those starting their journey in music theory will enjoy learning the note names this way!

You can check out the materials we use for teaching the musical alphabet here: 




musical alphabet

If your child is in the pre-Twinkle stage, this is the perfect video to watch together to start learning and singing the musical alphabet.


Click here to watch Lula and the Momisi Team in action:

- The Musical Alphabet -


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