Teaching violin to beginners should include these ingredients

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There's nothing better than using fantasy and games to teach violin to beginners.

Kids love to play, and they love to watch inanimate objects coming to life.

The Puppets for Strings Violin Series includes a violin that talks, four animals that kids love, a funny looking pizza, and a little girl that introduces them all. 

If you're teaching violin to beginners you can use these same characters to teach in fun and creative ways.

And if you're a parent starting on this violin beginner journey with your preschooler or 5 to 8 year old beginner, you can make daily practice more colorful and engaging.

Give flight to the child's imagination and create a world of fantasy so that those favorite animals that all kids love will accompany the child in this beginning violin learning journey.

Don't miss out meeting our animated friends from the Puppets for Strings Violin Series!

Go into the world of "Introland" with us, which is our soon-to-be-available book using a step-by-step system to teach violin to beginners, and join us on our Momisi Music House YouTube Channel Episode, "Violin for Kids."

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Now tell us, what are you doing in your lessons with those little beginners to engage their attention?

Write in the comments below and share your experiences with us.

We’d love to hear about your ideas! 


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