Online Rhythm Games to play with violin beginners

Rhythm fun maskRhythm fun mask    Rhythm fun mask


Play this fun rhythm game with your beginner violin students either in person or online.  

Play the slides to reveal the answers. Clicking on the right arrow will unveil what's under each mask. Clicking on the left arrow will place the mask back over the rhythm to hide it.

This animated powerpoint can be downloaded directly to your computer. You can adapt it to your own needs by adding more activities, changing them, or using it as is.

This game will help your beginner violin student:

1. Review the Twinkle rhythms

2. Review quarter and 2 eighth notes combination

3. Review simple up and down melodic motion

Don't miss out on downloading this Rhythm Game and have fun playing it with your students!


Now tell us, what rhythm games are you playing to help your beginner violin students recognize the rhythms and begin to learn to write them? 

Write in the comments below and share your experiences with us.

We’d love to hear about your ideas!


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